There’s A Girl Who Can Be A Girlfriend And There’s A Girl Who Can Be A Friend..

Always the good friend  

Always the good daughter 

Always one of the boys

Can she dare hope for more?

Can she dare believe?

Can she become the person she’s meant to be?

Can pain make her grow?

Can love make her believe?

When your inspired to make a change and When you’re ready to fall, it Must Be Love 

For the first time Star Cinema presents, the big screen debut of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Must Be Love is a 2013 Filipino coming-of-age romantic comedy film directed by Dado Lumibao.


A young woman (Kathryn Bernardo) develops romantic feelings for her best friend (Daniel Padilla), but problems arise when another gal enters the picture. Unfortunately for Patchot, it’s her cousin Angel (Liza Soberano). Will Ivan fall in love with “Patchot” or will they remain as best friends forever?

The movie brings us to that very moment that we first experienced that very strong feeling – teen love that is. The storyline is simple but compelling and stay cohesive up to the end. The choice of location is also perfect. Direk Dado ensures that the characters are fully immersed and portrayal of the role is very realistic.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Must Be Love” is a romantic movie filled with romance and a feel-good story that conveys the statement, ‘Be True To Yourself.’

Top 5 Reasons on Why This Is My Favorite:

  1. It’s KATHNIEL, I’m sorry if I’m already become bias to this blog because I’m a KATHNIEL fan and also I’am certified fangirling to Kathryn Bernardo. But, if you watched the whole movie I’m sure you will know why I liked it.
  2. The storyline,  I know the storyline is very familiar to us where their are two people whose bestfriends and turns to lovers but, if you see the deep meaning of the movie, it’s totally relateable and meaningful.
  3. Each characters, because if there are no great actors it would not be nice to show. Also, each characters make the film realistic as they start to act and give their best as what the movie wants.
  4. The acting, their are so many drama scenes in this film and honestly  I do not know where to start. I remember my one of the most favorite line from Kathryn Bernardo as Patchot “Eh kase minsan feeling ko eh nasa sobrang iwas niyo ko maging katulad ng nanay ko, iniiwas niyo rin ako sa mga bagay na pwedeng maging ako” that makes me cry a lot as I felt how she felt when she throw her line.


       5. Lastly the kilig feeling, because when I’m started to watched the film until the end the “kilig factor” was not missed out. Also, when Patchot started to confront her feelings to Ivan as this line said, “Oo mahal kita, Oo gusto kita noon pa, Ano sasabihin mo rin bang Mahal mo ko?

Siguro? Baka? Pwede? Pero pag kay Angel OO agad, pag kay angel I LOVE YOU agad. Bakit? Dahil ba maganda siya? Oo aaminin ko nagselos ako kase yung BESTFRIEND ko na mahal ko hindi niya ko kayang mahalin eh” I felt her sincerity on how she loved Ivan the most.

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Are You Man Enough To Find Out?

“A boy who lives to win 

A girl who has nothing to lose

And the bet that will change the rules”

Love is a game of chances, Are you willing to risk your all to be loved?

Just The Way You Are (originally titled The Bet) is a 2015 Filipino teen romantic comedy-drama film directed by Theodore Boborol and based on the best-selling Pop Fiction book ‘‘The Bet’’ which was originally published on Wattpad by Kimberly Joy Villanueva (ilurvbooks).


The story follows a popular guy named Drake Sison (Enrique Gil), who makes a bet with his best friend Andrei (Yves Flores), to make the nerdy transfer student, Sophia Taylor (Liza Soberano), fall in love with him in 30 days. Once she falls for him, he must confess that it was all a bet.

The film exudes irresistable charm that would surely keep its hopeless romantic audience lovestruck through its entirity. The film adheres a relatable and likeable premise, warrants a critic-proof success, and this is why, in spite of its flaws, “Just The Way You Are”, is still enticingly palpable.

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano 2015 romance film from Star Cinema Just The Way You Are June 17, 2015.jpg

There’s no doubt Liza and Enrique play a massive part of that appeal, from their massively successful TV series, “Forevermore” this movie comes as a solid testament to how far the two actors have grown in their path toward becoming real movie stars. This movie wouldn’t be enough, of course, to gauge their capacity as a box office movie couple, but considering it’s just their first movie, “Just The Way You Are” is no doubt a good start. Another favorite line from Sophia Taylor is that “It’s sad when your hearts get broken but you know what sad? Hindi ka naman masasaktan kung hindi mo mahal yung taong yun”.

The key to totally enjoying this movie is to never expect too much for something different, as doing so would only ensue terrible disappointment. Cliché and formulaic retreads form an essential part of this potential blockbuster, and the narrative will rise and fall bending itself in attempts to deliver surprising twists and and turns. It’s the seemingly natural chemistry between the leads, and the heart-crippling story they’re part of, that will keep the audience’s interest aflame,

Just The Way You Are 2015 movie trailer impressions romantic film trailer review Pinoy Movie Blogger.jpg

In love, the stakes are high. When you live for no one… or when you have almost no one… will you still bet your all?

PS: Search for the themesong of this movie because I’m sure you really guys loved it! #Smile In Your Heart by Harana


I Love You!!

“There’s a kind of love that you fight for and There’s a kind of love that you can’t fight”

What will you choose? A love that you cannot leave or A love that makes you live? 

A young woman, whose fiance is in a coma together with an achievement-oriented young man, bound together in the same journey of life and fall for each other in an unexpected way.

Everyday, I Love You is a 2015 Filipino romantic-drama film directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar. The film stars this year’s breakthrough love team, Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano together with Gerald Anderson. And it was released on October 28, 2015.


The film thrusts itself into attention when it shreds its details, baring all the lead characters side-stories to make their plight relatable. Audrey is torn between keeping his first love, and chasing her dreams. For the most of its part, “Everyday I Love You’s” charm is generated by its actors commendable performances. The film’s plot is decently executed, its proceedings and backstories seamlessly knitted to provide a coherent, touching storyline. Liza Soberano has grown into a much finer actress from “Just the Way You Are,” a film she also shared with Enrique Gil barely a year ago. Gil has a more excellent maneuver over his character, and Anderson showed a commendable delivery, as well.

everday i love you 2015 full movie.jpg

“Everyday I Love You” barely fits in the realm of cinematic revolution that has recently streaked across the confines of the cliche-stricken local cinema. No this film isn’t to impress the cerebral senses of the critical cineastes, it’s here to deliver killer dosages of “kilig” while also presenting an emotional journey that most of us will surely find difficult to resist, one that might send the tips of our fingers tapping the letters “I LOVE YOU” on our mobile phone’s screen and send them to those who matter to us.

Everyday I Love You 2015 movie trailer impressions romantic film trailer review Pinoy Movie Blogger.jpg

Also, the themesong of this film was very romantic it’s entitled “It Might Be You” by Michael Pangilinan. Hope you guys listen to the songs because it  makes you feel kilig as in Last Song Syndrome (LSS).

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Last Call Pitcheesss!!

Hello again guyss!! this is it! the last series for the movie of Pitch Perfect.

Throwing all plausibility in the bin, the Bellas take on a whistlestop European tour of military bases in their third outing, which somehow stays in tune.


Pitch Perfect 3 is a 2017 American musical comedy film the sequel to Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), and the third and final installment in the Pitch Perfect series The film follows the Bellas, now graduated from college, reuniting for one final performance together during an overseas USO tour (

The opening set-up is literally explosive: the Bellas are on a luxury yacht, performing another of their choreographed, beatbox-backed cover versions for the delectation of three unknown men. The older generation of Bellas, led by Anna Kendrick’s Beca, are struggling to cope with the outside world, post-university, and a show by their perkier successors only makes things worse. So of course they leap at the totally spurious opportunity to reunite and embark on a tour of European US military bases. “Is there a competition? There’s always a competition,” one of them chips in. Sure enough, portly hip-hop titan DJ Khaled will sign up one the winning act for his label.


At this point, Pitch Perfect’s entire reason threatens to collapse like an overcooked shuffle, but this installment realities the music was only ever really secondary to proceedings. So many movies end with trite sentiments about “family” and “sisterhood” but it doesn’t feel forced here. It looks like these performers are genuinely enjoying themselves, and it’s infectious. Despite the preposterous escapades and the self-destructive satire, at the end of it all, there’s something real left standing.

Why I Like It?

  • because it’s funny and interesting even though, the new romances are not perfect the stood out story is that “Friendship never ever break”.
  • the new bands are exciting and quite perfect because there are cool songs they made as they sing it together.
  • the passion of all characters to music because even though there works are not totally related to their passion they try it again and inspires to stood out together as one.
  • the badass fight scenes of the story is very amazing and unbelievable in the genre of the film.
  • lastly, Anna Kendrick because she always stood out in each series of the movie. She always sing like a total singer in the world. I salute her for being grate and having a precious talent.


PS: Hoping for the part 4 :D!!! Love love ^_^



We’re Back Pitchesss!

Pitch Perfect 2 is a 2015 American musical comedy film directed and produced by Elizabeth Banks and written by Kay Cannon. It is a sequel to the 2012 film Pitch Perfect and the second installment in the Pitch Perfect film series. The film centers on the fictional Barden University Bellas, an all-female a cappella singing group, who try to beat out the German national team in a world singing championship (


It’s been three years since the Barden Bellas (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson) became the first all-female group to win a national title. All seems well until a botched Lincoln Center performance for the president leads to a scandal that strips them of their performing duties, causing internal tension and strife. With the world championships on the horizon in Copenhagen, Denmark, the women must get their act together for their one and only shot at redemption.


Top 5 Why I Love To Watch This Movie:

  1. It’s the second series of Pitch Perfect and I do not want to miss it.
  2. There’s a new comer, Hailee Steinfield as Emily.
  3. The loveteam romance are really perfect combination.
  4.  The songs again are very good to here.
  5. Lastly, the ending are very cool because they reunite all the members of Barden Bellas.

With a central plot in which a cappella group the Bellas have changed from underdogs to big hitters who can only disappoint and the script this time around is more tuned to the individual talents of an excellent cast. A glut of sub-plots sometimes smother the central story, but the whole is never less than great fun. There’s no effing fun in a summer where you can’t sing along with the Barden Bellas.

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Barden Bellas!!

Hey guyss!! this first movie blog post for this week is my one of the most favorite films I watched. I just want to share this to all of you because I’ve really relate myself to this movie. So here it goes!


College student Beca (Anna Kendrick) knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but that’s exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.

Reasons Why I Started To Love This Film:

  • At first, I do not have an interest to watch this movie because I think it’s boring but, when my cousin have a copy on his laptop I started to watch it until I finally love it!
  • This is the first movie I watched about Anna Kendrick and honestly, I do not know who she really is until I stalk to her and search her in the internet. I’d really love her such an angelic voice  like a stealthily fierce pixie person. She always made the songs perfect and applauded that’s why I cannot forget this film because of her.
  •   The songs, I like the beat on how they mix the discordant style of different genres.
  • The story because it’s all about friendship in the same time reaching your goal with them.
  • The funny sides of all characters because they act like who they really are in persons.


PS: Sorry for the wrong grammar and typo. Thank you for reading! 🙂


Yes Why Not??

One summer in a place where she feels alone, she discovers LOVE and she discovers PASSION. But, where the love she discover SAVE her or BREAK her?


Halik sa Hangin is a 2015 Philippine romantic horror and psychological thriller film, directed by Emmanuel Q. Palo and written by Enrico Santos.  It stars Julia Montes, Gerald Anderson, and JC de Vera. This was Edu Manzano’s first film appearance after his special participation role in the 2003 hit comedy film Ang Tanging Ina. The film was released on January 28, 2015 in the Philippines (

A young woman moves to Baguio, and she as struggles to adapt to her new home, she is torn between two young men who bring passion into her life.


Julia Montes tapped to play the contravida role of Clara in the hit remake of the classic soap about teenage sibling rivalry, Mara Clara, and the leading lady of Coco Martin in ABS-CBN’s popular teleserye Walang Hanggan. Now, in Halik sa Hangin, she brings to life the character of Mia Generoso, whose story is the movie’s focus. She shows great commitment and earnestness in playing the character of Mia. The elicits sympathy in expressing Mia’s love and devotion to her father, a struggling musician who could hardly provide for his only child, and how Mia’s life crumbles after his passing is the one who marks in this movie. She also, makes the viewer feel Mia’s emotional stages of entering into the territory of romantic love apprehension, excitement, caution, bliss until reality bites.


While Julia’s co-stars do laudably well, too. Gerald Anderson, as Gio, continues to show that he’s still one of the most exciting and talented leading men today.

The set up for all that follows with notions of love, forgiveness, letting go, and a toss of paranormal. Everything happens within a span of one month. Scenes are beautifully shot alongside the pine trees, luscious greens, and the dark, misty hills of Baguio City, which reminds me of the Jericho-Claudine-Diether starrer, Nasaan Ka Man (2005). The two films resemble in many ways but what differs them is the clear vision of the latter.

Halik Sa Hangin is filled with literal cautions and conversations, all tending to sound like goodbyes. Each lines are backed by a beautiful backdrop every time. The film was a pleasure to watch. Technically, it’s been a long time since Star Cinema produced a romance film that doesn’t entail comedy.

Their story reminds us that first love is meant to be memorable and sweet. This film implies that after a certain point, it can also lead to tragedy.


I Love You Parents!

Maria Leonora Teresa is a 2014 Filipino horror film. The film stars Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo and Jodi Sta. Maria. The film was named after the Guy and Pip’s doll of the same name.

maxresdefault (1)

Dolls are kind of creepy, especially the ones that are designed to be “life-like”. This is the sole fact that seems to drive Maria, Leonora Teresa, which pits a group of characters against three of these dolls. But the film seems to severely misunderstand what exactly makes these dolls so scary. As a result, scenes that are meant to be terrifying mostly end up looking pretty silly, the movie trying in vain to sell the threat of a four-foot entity wielding a knife.

The Bad:

The pacing was too fast.  I get that the meat of the story was the actual haunting, but the film just zipped by the whole backstory.  It was a shame because I think that the cast could’ve handled more of the grieving scenes.  Had we seen just how Faith, Stella and Julio struggled through the loss of their respective children, we would’ve been more receptive of their attachments to the freaky  dolls.


That ending though.  I admit that I may have zoned out during the film’s predictable climatic last twenty minutes, but that ending still made no sense.  Why him?


All in all Maria Leonora Teresa was a stellar example of missed opportunities.  They had capable actors, a weirdly original plot that takes its root from the most basic of human experiences but the film makers refused to focus on the nitty gritty emotions that could have made this movie something worth remembering. It  is ostensibly meant to be scary, or at least disturbing. But it’s mostly really funny. The movie is just so inept at delivering the elements of the horror genre, often eliciting laughter instead of screams

Retreat House

The teenagers now a days seems to focus more in their lovers and inclination to misbehavior but, not all things are encrypted because each consequences might be regret.

No jokes between life and death 

This Christmas you can join in Haunted Mansion, a film by Jun Robles Lana, DGPI. An official 2015 entry for Metro Manila Film Festival.


A group of high school students who are spending the night in a old mansion. When they learn that the house is haunted they set to look out for ghosts just for fun , but they find out soon enough that the urban legends are real (

The setting is an old house now converted into a retreat venue for young people who are inclined to make fun of spirits inhabiting old houses. To the horror of those tasked to keep order in the retreat house, the suspense builds up when young people meet untimely death. One was prepared to doze off and indeed the film might just look like a backdrop from a recurring nightmare.

Haunted Mansion 2015 movie trailer impressions MMFF Horror film trailer review Pinoy Movie BloggerThere are barely any huge scares in the first two acts. It want us to be invested in the characters and  their fates which is the most shocking aspect in this movie. To be sure, the film elicited endless gasps and regular volley of horrified screaming from the audience. But the director made sure the audience has its much-needed respite from the screaming to be able to focus with the rest of the story.

Direct Jun made the best out of the young cast enough to make Janella a contender for Best Actress. Janella Salvador proves she has the ability to act other since this being her first movie, she’s quite good. But the most revealing virtuoso performance was that of a dead woman with a horrible past played with incandescent brilliance by Iza.


Overall, this movie isn’t anything special. Have a couple of friends over, grab some drinks, turn off the lights and enjoy it as generic horror film and you’ll have a much better time.

Do Me A Favor…

There are times when life is planned for you but, sometimes love leads you in a different direction

I’m here to convince you to join my band- Gino

Okay it’s a yes but, there’s a condition: “No If’s and But’s”

And when you follow your heart it can be the greatest fear feeling but, it can also be the worst…

Star Cinema brings you Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo The Breakup Playlist directed by Dan Villegas released on July 01, 2015.

Sarah Geronimo Trixie as and Piolo Pascual as Gino in Star Cinema 2015 romantic film The Breakup Playlist

Sarah plays Trixie, a lawyer student and an aspiring singer who collaborates with Rock star Gino played by Piolo Pascual. The conflict started when they fell in love with each other and begin to compare someone’s success over the other.

The movie is precise and brave to introduce a different Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual to tackle real talk and to discuss real issues about relationships. I like how the story narrated the love story. They made sure that each chapters of their lives are properly explained. After I watched the film I know that the movie’s intention is really serious that it makes the audience re-validate past relationships, reconcilable differences and how one agree to disagree and make amends. I am still in awe. I think I have learned a lot.  Piolo Pascual & Sarah Geronimo are in a fine fettle here – both should get acting nominations, especially Sarah Geronimo who gave me that anger I have seen in every broken individual.And Piolo Pascual gave these scenes to her. Watching the two throw lines at each other is a great and terribly pleasurable, though you wouldn’t want to re-enact their battles in your own home anytime soon. Sarah Geronimo is delivering a coming of age performance in this movie. Flawless acting. I haven’t seen her determined as this.

There are also some fine doses of selling the OPM Music, too, as when two of them perform and jam, including “Paano Ba ang Magmahal” each expressing the pain of being in love. Agony! The movie is the best avenue to sell the playlist. With the perfect tandem of Villegas and Jadaone, The Breakup Playlist is a combination of reality thrown in our face, something we usually deny or hide acceptance and forgiveness. The movie gave me more time to rethink, of moving on and forgive.